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WTF is my gender?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Uuhhhhh honestly I have no fucking clue the fae stole it when I was a baby and I haven't had the chance to purchase one since.

Genuinely serious, I don't know when most people ask me this but they don't think that is a good enough answer for them. Sometimes it's not a good enough answer for me and I go into a full on crisis in the changing rooms. Yes that did happen, it was terrifying and predictably the school wasn't equipped to deal with my crisis. I had no support or information to do with being gender non-conforming, the only information I had were youtubers. They were occasionally reliable but like me they were still learning and just passing on what they knew to their audience. Yes there may have been other sources but let's be honest it should've been my school providing me support.

So going back to what is actually my gender? Yes I don't exactly know how to describe it to people. The main thing is I want to be me. I don't particularly want to be seen as any gender. I am a human supposedly and I exist please judge me on characteristics not a predetermined restrictive criteria from the pound shop thank you very much. Am I nonbinary? If you are assuming this congrats you are closer than most people. I am under the label demi-masc, which is commonly known as demi-boy but fuck that infantilization. So I herby label it as demi-masc. Which for me is that I want to physically be presenting as masc or majority of my traits be leaning more masc. Such as voice, hair, chesticles and style. Whatever is comfortable in the moment. Although I may overall prefer masculine presentation and that feels more me it doesn't complete the 3D Wasjig* that is my gender. Part of my gender is also bits of a-gender, I also don't deny my femininity that comes from my up bring and primary sex characteristics.

Overall do I actually care about my gender? No not particularly. Not all the time anyway have other things to worry about. Like learning how to skate, world domination, cooking curry and naps. Just use he/him or they/them pronouns like 98%** of the time and honestly we will be chill. We just want to vibe, eat popcorn and be treated with human decency thank you very much.

*Wasjig is a puzzle in which the only clue you have is the reaction of whatever is going on in the puzzle on the box.

** The other two percent of the time make something up, seriously be creative. I have literally been called pineapple for some fucking reason and still felt respected.

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