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Remembering To Eat…

I often forget to eat, drink and do things to take care of me. It’s a pain in the ass but it happens. Then there is the added layer of my anxiety stopping me from eating, and my Autism & ADHD really just being the pickiest bitches they can. Sometimes the food is fine, other times it's not. Either the texture is just completely wrong or there isn’t enough flavour to make me want to eat.

So do I have a hack for this? Not really. I am no pro chef but I have one working in a kitchen as an assistant, two I genuinely love food. Cooking is a hobby and I have been experimenting for years. Eventually I have gotten to the point where I can chuck together a meal by just looking at my fridge. Although I don’t want to do this. I want to meal prep and be able to have a variety of food that I can enjoy well without having to think about it throughout the week. To be able to have a few set ideas, ingredients mostly ready and just requiring me to chuck them together or reheat it.

Cooking is a skill that we all need to learn and aren’t taught. Before you go but but but we learnt it in school. No you didn’t unless you took a GCSE in it. You spent time following a recipe book that was shoved your way regardless of what you actually liked to eat or try to learn. You can teach yourself to cook. It just takes patience and a lot of resilience. You aren’t meant to know everything at first. That's why it is called learning...

It is more like an artform than a maths equation where you follow the steps to solve it. One in cooking there are many more ways to cook something. Two there are more components meaning ingredients that you can try out. I encourage you to experiment.

Over the next few months join me while I figure out how to cook for myself and remember to eat regularly. I will be posting it under the food category alongside some of the recipes I either enjoy or create myself!!!


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