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Coming Out Again

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

You guys already know I am queer as fuck. So what else do I have to come out about? It isn't something I hide at all but it's not something I was ready to publicly share. But since sharing it with my parents I am comfortable to share it on here. (My parents read this blog so...). Here we go:

I am non-monogamous, polyamorous and any other synonym for I date multiple people.

Before you go that's cheating, stop doing that. One I am posting this publicly and I don't hide this blog from friends or family (except my baby cousins). They know. Two I gain consent from all parties before I start dating anyone or doing anything with them that I wouldn't do platonically.

We don't enter a contract per say we just discuss boundaries and etiquette which makes everyone feel comfortable and heard. For me I treat my partners equally, within reason. I find out what suits them in terms of attention and affection, and like a good partner I do my best to make sure they are happy with how I treat them. Each person and circumstance is different. The best thing to do is communicate like you should in any relationship. If I ended up dating someone when I was already single and they wanted monogamy I would happily oblige because I am only dating them. I wouldn't feel "trapped" because dating someone is a choice you make. Regardless of your feelings towards them. Although I do recommend having at least some sort of a connection with that person that makes you feel comfortable dating them and enjoy the time you spend together.

I am genuinely bluntly honest with the people closest to me, tend to not have any secrets with those that I trust. None of my own anyway. Most of the time if I didn't communicate it, it's because I have not fucking clue how. That is when therapy come in for me. We love my therapist. Helps me with so much.

Anyway why did I feel like it was necessary to "come out"? Well for one I have two partners, who are both adorable as fuck and I love them both. The other reason is that if you feel alone around this. You aren't. I want to be part of normalising communication in relationships and doing what make you feel content in life. Whether that be dating more than one person, being single or what ever you want.

about both of my partners through out any of my posts (Who wouldn't?). I will obviously keep anonymity purely because I don't feel like you need to know their names to understand what we go through, this is the same for my friends and family. It is also for mild safety reasons. However if someone really wanted to find out who they were then they probably would be able to, its just creepy dude. I will from now be referring to my partner as Bitch, no jk, we will go with Camp. Why? They're camp as fuck.

It finally a relief to not feel like I should hide this from anyone. Hiding it made me feel like I am guilty or shameful for being myself. No one should feel like that. I am also going to state this is a definite position of privilege to have friends and family that accept me. If you want to know how people reacted to me coming out to them, let me know!

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